A Little About Us

Welcome to Cottage Grove Yorkies, we are a small breeder consisting of Quality Dogs for your families enjoyment.  We are located in Northern Middle Tennessee, a close drive for many.  We will also ship our puppies if that is required. 

All of our puppies are whelped in our home, and that is where they remain until they leave us for their new family.  While they are here with us they experience a variety of floors including slick.  Vacuums and normal household noises are a normal part of their lives.  They are exposed to our other dogs and our
grand-children are a constant in their lives from day one. 

We are open for visitation anytime, just please call first to make sure we are home.  When you purchase a puppy from Cottage Grove Yorkies you can expect honesty and lifetime support for your new family member!  Quality dogs for the discriminating buyer.  Health and temperament are our top priority, in order to ensure a lifetime of happiness for our puppies and our clients.

Please call (615) 644-3914 or (615) 388-2369

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